Baboo Darabuka and DJ Benity come with “# Original”

Baboo Darabuka, many boys wanted to Kosovo, Albania and outside the country for teksteshqip revealed some of the details of their latest projects. Have recently been very active in music. Recently they have released a duet with singer Orient House, the earlier one with Dafina Daut. Dj Benity was the one who responded to the interview questions

TeksteShqip: Baboo darabuka, are quite active recently in music? Tell us some of your musical commitments?

Dj Benity: Yes, as you have already seen, we have launched our project in cooperation with latest Mimoza Shkodra, which was received quite successful, even in July, another project comes as Baboo always Darabuka & Dj Benity, the original called #.

TeksteShqip: Tell us a little about the last song in duet with Mimoza Shkodra?

Dj Benity: Song with Mimoza Shkodra, start from ours in a meeting last year to be realized as the final project, was last month (June), which is one of our most innovative projects that we launched. Song worked acclaimed composer Florent Boashnjaku, while the text is looked Rozana Radi, as necessarily properly in every song that we think that we do is hit the clip, which we believe the company has “ASHA” that have collaborated on projects pothuajase our.

TeksteShqip: A different song was very successful with Dafina Dautin “No Significance”? How did the idea for the collaboration and how you think kënnga succeeded?

Dj Benity: Laurels have good friend, and when we heard her song in the studio, too pëqlej us, and invite us for a collaboration, we started the recordings in the studio, we did the filming of the video clip and this project is also in the wake our projects we have planned this summer, which also is well received by the public, and we thank excessively for any support that they do for our music, and to hear it’s like, they gives us plus motivation to work and to bring the best possible projects.

TeksteShqip: How are engaged during this season with concerts?

Dj Benity: Tepper summer season is usually the busiest, with evening concerts, banquets, and this summer we completed with the date, we can say that we are one of the most requested bands as in Kosovo, Macedonia , Albania, Montenegro, as we know now is the time anagazhuar beaches are in many clubs in Ulcinj, etc. Durres.

TeksteShqip: Are total 3 boys who form this group? Tell us a bit, you have friends for years and did spend time together in everyday life?

Dj Benity: 3 boys (3 in 1), was also our first song, our first album that falls to 3 boys contribute to our group to be where it is today at the top of our entertainment, became more years that we are together as a group, and normally we know each other pretty well with each other, are shoqërushëm, we have family, we have our obligations are not normally lacks the society all the time.

TeksteShqip: Something the private lives of the boys …

Dj Benity: Private life is precious to each normally, and should remain so, three young boys ambition to punar as much as reap great success and our children leave behind a career and suksseshme those who will come after us.

TeksteShqip: You thought to realize the album?

Dj Benity: Our second album coming this summer is in this month in July, and who also preceded our newest project “Original”, which also had our second album will be called “Original”, we think that promoting the clip and our second album to do next week.

TeksteShqip: You have already taken part in several festivals? But now, see you again?

Dj Benity: It’s always a pleasure to work as much as the festivals to partake, fokusar are currently in our second album “Original” and our new project, as are also many festivals punar not to leave aside .

TeksteShqip: Thank you for accepting the invitation to interview even though we know that now is the season and are loaded. Finally you want to add something?

Benity dj: Thank you for the interview is always a pleasure to support this project with the media, you are the ones who convey our word to our people, to our fans, who we thank for all përzermërsisht contribution, our 8-year career, support us by supporting us without hesitation, thank you from the depths of the soul, we are fortunate to have fans and the public so mrekeushllëm as we have, thank you very much, and always with your help we will bring more music quality and professional service to you. Thank you!

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